Dear Earth, Let's Be Friends Again

Dear environment, sorry I haven't been responding to your texts. 

Has it been a while since you made a little extra effort to be nice to our environment. It was just announced that Starbucks is going strawless and taking out all straws and will be strawless by 2020. What a commitment! As well as a perfect time to take the opportunity to make our lives a little more green. Here are some quick tips to hug a tree and protect our mother earth for future generations. 

Re-usable Water Bottles

Shorter Showers (hit up that dry shampoo)

Buy in Bulk = Less Individual Packaging

DIY Cleaning Products, Non-Toxic Is Better For Everyone

Adjust Your Thermostat A Degree or Two

Plant A Tree, Because We Need More of These

Donate Your Clothes Instead of Throwing Out


Obviously, this list could be hundreds of things however these are so easy to start why wouldn't you help out for the greater cause. Keep our earth clean, it's the only place we have to live. 


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