Happiness Check-Up!

How are you feeling lately?

Most people will say good, or fine, or ok. Let's dig a little deeper, what if you were asked these questions. 

How are you feeling emotionally?

How are you feeling mentally? 

How are you feeling in relationships? 

Do you ever get stressed out, pressured to be perfect, nervous, social anxiety, overwhelmed? 

Good, that means we're all totally normal!

However if someone to ask us how our mental health is we would say great! Mental health is a term that scares off so many people, but really... it's just how you're doing! I like to think of it as a happiness check-up. And we all need to check-up on ourselves from time to time!

Let's be real, none of us are perfect. If you are, please share your secrets or stop kidding yourself.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice, I am not a doctor. 

Life is amazing but can also be tough!  I'm definitely guilty of getting stressed out and feeling pressured. With each passing year brings new things into life and different kinds of emotions to handle. It's 100% normal. 

Research says that over half of us are worried about eating/health/fitness, and almost half feel anxious or worried a lot of the time. But who can blame you when social media is a large part of our lives. I've totally looked at Instagram accounts and been overwhelmed by how perfect some girls lives seem. But that's the point....seem. Instagram is NOT REAL LIFE. 

All these pressures and unrealistic expectations can lead to some scary things like anxiety disorders, eating disorders, ADHD, OCD, addiction disorders, sleep disorders and so many more.

Bad news is sometimes you can't avoid these things, and sometimes it's in your genes. But....

Good news guys! 

Almost all of these disorders can be treated and you can get back to feeling like yourself! If you feel may even slightly have any signs of the above areas, please contact your doctor. I am not a doctor! Doctors are specially trained to help you get better faster! 

In the meantime... What we all could use a little more of is some love. And who better to love us than ourselves! 

Some of the below practice are proven to help your happiness scale on your current check-up! 

Exercise = The best happiness medicine! 

Mindful Meditation = For those who want to chill! 

Go Outside = Being cooped inside all day everyday isn't good for anyone, take a breath of fresh air and relax outside. 

Socialize = Friends really are shoulders to lean on, cry on, and laugh on


Most importantly, I'm here to share with you God loves you so much and wants you to be happy! Turn to him in all times!


Choose happiness friends, thanks for reading! Leave me a comment with you thoughts below!