Stop Fear From Running Your Life

Fear cripples you. Make the decision to stop letting fear control your life. These 4 things below are whats blocking you from leading your life of passion God wants you to have. 


1. If it's going well today, something bad is bound to happen

This defeats me all the time, but we cannot let fear overcome the joy in our lives. Don't let the fear of tomorrow rob you from the happiness God has given you today. 

2. All you have is an idea that is already out there

We often fear failure when all we have is an idea. Coming up with our wildest dreams is so much fun, but it tends to be all there is to it. Sometimes we are scared that our idea may not be different enough or it might already exist. Well guess what, Myspace existed when Facebook was invented. Mark just made it better. It doesn't always have to be a new idea, remember that. 

3.You're not old enough or have enough experience

I've been told I'm too young 50 times. But I strongly believe greatness knows no age. The founder of snap chat was 23. The creators of Rent the Runway started it's business while they were in college. Atlanta musicians made there dreams come true at ages 23 and 26 better known as Migos proving to the world they are bad and boujee. It's pretty incredible when people don't let someone tell them they are to young or don't have enough experience and they get out there and make it happen for themselves. Start somewhere, some how if you want it bad enough you'll find a way. 

4. Failure

One of the worst fears of all. We need to accept that failure is not a bad thing. Ever hear of Walt Disney, the man who was fired by his editor for having a "lack of imagination." What about Oprah, who was told she'll never make in television. Every failure is a stepping stone into finding the path that is success. If you're failing you're at least trying and for sure growing. 


Join with me and start believing in yourself. So many of us are guilty of letting fear run our lives. But You have the power to Make it a priority to stop doing these things listed above. You owe it to yourself to give your dreams a chance. Take the first step! The world needs more people following their dreams. The road may be long, but the trip is always worth it. 




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