Improve Your Commute

Commuting can really take a toll on you if it’s long enough. Use these ways to make your commute fly by and grow personally.  



Morning Devotion 

What a wonderful way to start your day! There are tons of apps! I personally love the Joyce Myers app and Sprinkle of Jesus! If you have others please let me know! 



This is how I listen to the news, practice my french, and learn something new every week. There are thousands of amazing podcasts! 


Audio Books

I love to learn, but not necessarily to read, audio books are life changing! You reap all the benefits but don't get headaches from squinting at the lines. I'm a huge fan personally! 


Hype Music Playlist

I've learned I actually have great days when I am absolutely jamming in the morning. Nothing to get your endorphin's going like a car concert! Let me know your favorite apple music playlist or spotify playlists! 


Brain Games

There are so many apps you can download to keep your brain sharp using small mental exercises. I use Lumosity to help with my memory becuase I have a horrible memory. I’ve found it very helpful! 


What do you do on your commute to make the time pass? 


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