2018 Resolutions Worth Trying

Happy New Year Babes! 

As I sit down to write out my 2018 resolutions they are a little different than the same ol same ol resolutions every year. If you're looking for a not so common resolution to really make a difference in  your life this year, I'm here to help. I've curated a list to hopefully make 2018 the year you grow and have more joy than ever before. 

Photo by  STIL  

Photo by STIL 


1.  Make more "me time" 

Most of us are guilty of giving all our time away to others right? Family, your job, your friends? It can be overwhelming and you always seem to cut yourself short. Whether it's once a day, once a week, or just a few times a month make a point this year to carve out some time just for yourself. 

2. Cleanse your social media of negative vibes

I can't stress this enough, I do this every year. Start un-following accounts that bring any negative energy in your life. Whether it's mean thoughts, makes you judgmental, takes you farther away from God, or puts you in any sort of bad mood. You don't need it! Only follow accounts that bring good vibes in your life and help make you better!

3. Plan a trip to somewhere new

Enrich your life with different cultures and new places. This will help you grow and see things differently. Personally, I feel if you stay in one place your whole life, it's like only reading one page of a book. Get out there, see what the world has to offer. 

4. Get to know people that are different than you

I'm a strong believer you need people in your tribe that think differently than you. While it's nice to have friends that are 'yes' friends and always agree with you, it's healthy to have people that can make you think about things because their point of view is different. Don't get stuck in a bubble of only 'yes' people. Reach out and be open minded to others and their thoughts and opinions. 

5. Let go of old anger

Harboring ill feelings is the best way to self destruction. Learn to forgive and let go, I promise you'll be so happy you did. Those feelings do absolutly no good in your life. 

6. Start rephrasing complaints into questions

For example: Don't say I wish I got promoted at work, start saying - What can I do to get promoted at work? 

7.  Get back to chasing your dreams again

You know those dreams and goals you had before life hit you hard core and you became more focused on getting by and making ends meet? Go back to those this year, figure out ways you can start to take steps to chasing your dreams. Your life is too short and precious to give up on yourself. 

8. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal this year

Going back to creating more me time for yourself - start your day not rushed. An extra half hour in the morning to get you going gives you a much more peaceful start to you day rather than rushing out the door. You can be more productive when you feel all together.

9. Learn something new

Literally anything! Learn how to speak a new language. Learn how to make a cake. Learn how to play croquet. Learn how to write calligraphy. Learn how to pray in front of people. Learn how to make a candle. The possibilities are endless, just start expanding what you do. 

10. Stop feeling like you have to explain yourself

You don't have to explain yourself for everything you do. If you can't make it to an event, don't feel like you have to write a paragraph to the host as to why. If they are curious they will ask. If they are a friend they will understand and let you know they hope you will make it next time. Don't feel like you have to add fluff to everything you do. 

11. Stick to your budget

Speaks for itself, but if you have certain things your wanting to do, create a budget and stick to it as much as possible. Time will fly by and soon enough you'll be able to do all sorts of things if your planning it in advance. Don't make yourself miserable with a budget, you still need some fun. Find a good balanced budget that will set you up for success. Need more money? See where you can cut back. Maybe don't go to Starbucks every morning, make your lunches at home, or don't buy a shirt from every place you go. 

12. Shop at your local farmer's market

Fresh healthy ingredients can make you feel amazing. Not to mention your helping out local farmers in your community. The prices are usually lower than grocery stores anyways. Need I go on? 

13. Join a small group

Life can be tough, even tougher if you’re not leaning on God. Try to find a small group at a church. Having a group to do life with and listen to you is so uplifting and encouraging. It's nice to know you’re not alone or to listen to someone who has gone down a similar path. Small groups are incredible and 100% recommended from BB. 

14. Make a pro con list before big decisions

Are you indecisive? Make a list of good and bad things that would result from that decision. While it's fun to always follow your heart, sometimes you get to a point where you have a 3 month old puppy that ate a piece of your shoe and now you have a couple thousand dollar vet bill instead of making rent. Just think about things before making big decisions. 

15. Clean up your work area

Organization can lead to productivity. Clean off that desk and get back to the grind instead of spending half your time looking for stuff. 

16. Unplug from your phone at dinner time

We've gotten to a point where we never disconnect from the digital world. Make a point to leave your phone in another room at least during dinner. Allow yourself to unwind and enjoy the moment and your meal. That engagement announcement will still be there in 30 minutes. 

17. Actually floss everyday

One of these years, I'll get better at this. Sorry dentist. 

18. Learn to love this phase of life you’re in

Major key right here. While this can be tough, it's so important. Sometimes you may think why you aren't at a certain spot in your life yet, or you don't have certain things. Know that God is preparing you for all the things HE wants to give you in his timing. For now, love where you are. Love that your furniture doesn't match because you might not can afford a fancy set yet. Love that the leather in your car is ripped from all the fun places you've been in it. Love messing up your fingernails after you paint them because you can't go get your nails done all the time. Love every breathe of air God gives you in 2018. Your life is so precious and don't spend it wishing and waiting for the next big thing. Embrace the present. 

Let me know what resolutions you are sticking to this year on my resolution Instagram post! I love to hear other people's goals, maybe I need to do it too! 

Happy New Year! Make it the best one yet! 


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